An Open Letter to Donald J. Trump Before, During, and After the Swearing- In, from Future Progress USA (FP-USA)

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Dear Mr. Trump,

  1. You have awakened the Progressive community to the fact that many white working folks—especially—have been (politically) neglected; many turned out for you, when needed groups supporting your more qualified opponent (or at least enough) did not for her—and You Know Who You Are 😉
  1. You “Seem” to have won the biggest electoral upset in American history; all the more impressive as you have an unusual sort of charisma and not the best qualifications for the office, perhaps 45th? among U.S. presidents
  1. At first, although a supporter of “the Other Party”, I was intrigued by your unfiltered remarks, and some good comments about the 2 trillion dollar Mideast Wars, killing more than 7000 young Americans in the process, and in the process majorly ruffled the Bush family’s feathers,
  1. I certainly to not need to repeat the long list of insults and tomfoolery that has marked your rise and that those who rejected you (the 3 million more than you got votes who went to Sec. Clinton) and those who seem to see you as their great white hope: these are the people whom you now must not let down, as I hope you realize
  1. And as I traveled to New Hampshire to try to be one man helping millions of others block your path to a place you should not be, and talked to people on a post-(your) election trip across 16 states, most of them red, I began to understand that your people truly do believe in you, your JOBS, your swagger, your promises that do not add up, but to your short-term credit, they do not seem to care,
  1. I hope that you will be able to deliver one tenth of what you promise to the 45 million people who voted for you in your “landslide”… because if you don’t, you will hurt them, and your top appointments most certainly will hurt their interests, also striking back at what they think of as the (not really so) Liberal Establishment: Clintons, Obamas, Bidens—those people
  1. You know that with the help of Putin and Comey—but also your own very strange sort of charm and bravado, you have done what all of the polls thought was nearly impossible… And you deserve a certain amount of grudging credit—maybe you really will make “the trains run on time”
  1. So the country is watching, Mr. Trump—and Mr. Pence—as what for many on both sides of this election thought was impossible; you will be sworn in and, and, and—then your troubles will begin, but they will not be as great as ours. Today, January 20, half the country will be in mourning in a way never witnessed before.

9.     The other half may be dancing in the streets. I would like to believe we might all be dancing one year from now. Like to believe? Yes, but do not believe. What kind of country will you and your whistling in the dark Party create for us in 2017? I am not optimistic. Nobody but your fiercest 10 million enemies wants to see a train-wreck. But with you behind the throttle, I am not sure about the alternatives.

10. The country does not need to be ‘Made Great Again’. It is truly great–for now.