Trumpkin pastor calls for Democrats and journalists to be executed

Trumpkin pastor calls for Democrats and journalists to be executed

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With the religious right’s otherworldly loyalty to Trump and outright endorsement of his coup attempt, it was only a matter of time before a Trumpvangelical crossed the line into calling for outright violence. Well, last week Rick Wiles of TruNews did exactly that. On the day before Thanksgiving, he called for Trump to have Democrats and journalists lined up and shot.

The Christian pastor made the remarks during an episode of his TruNews program last Wednesday as he discussed Trump’s baseless claims of widespread voter fraud. Wiles also pointed out that the Justice Department has created a new rule allowing for firing squads to be used in federal executions.


“I’m not trying to be funny but [it’s been fast-tracked] because they plan to shoot some people,” Wiles said. “They’re gonna have a bunch of traitors. They’re gonna line ’em up against the wall and start shooting them. Because that’s what they deserve.”

Right Wing Watch got a clip.

Wiles went on to say that a bunch of Democrats, reporters and academics are secretly in bed with Beijing—and they deserve to be shot.

We already knew that Wiles is nothing more than a Nazi masquerading as a pastor. As we all know, he is virulently anti-Semitic—close your eyes, and he sounds like Richard Spencer at his worst.

This is domestic terrorism, straight up. And we cannot allow this to stand. It’s time for Wiles to get the Alex Jones treatment. Past time, actually. He has apps on the iTunes App Store (for both the iPhone and Apple TV), Google Play and Roku. Pester those platforms and get his channel nuked. Additionally, a whois revealed his domain is hosted by GoDaddy.

This is the sort of thing that resulted in Heather Heyer being murdered. We cannot chance some lone nut taking matters into his own hands and deciding to murder someone ostensibly in Trump’s name. TruNews must have its mic shut off—permanently.

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