POETRYthis political blog will deal with the fallout later. For now we offer a Non-Political Poem for readers who have had their fill of Red/Blue talk. Of course WE can never get enough politics–the stakes are so high– but here goes with the poetry:




I remember love in the summer days of Wolf Trap verdant with Potomac heat             and the Ragtime craze of those mid Seventies and love on a trip on a credit card in Cambridge and Stratford gardens boxwood, black-eyed Susans a few years after

and love in the mushroomy pine straw island in Lake Spednic off New                  Brunswick so the question is how will love look in the silver times, and                        where and your eyes will they reveal it?

Can this lovely world we think we have sustain the creeping of deserts,                         the slash-burning of rain forests confusing toucans and hyacinth macaws                    not to mention Us and the rising seas and boys with smoking guns feral

and on the loose carelessly treated and seeking some testosterone fueled                    revenge near Mogadishu, in Idaho, Damascus, Gaza, San Salvador                                   so many places to kill so many reasons so what will bring it to a stop and

will life on Earth and wherever else survive the coming in 4 billion years collision of Andromeda and the Milky Way you have to think long term sometimes not every problem is a now problem so there may be some comfort in thinking

about disturbances you will not have to witness in every case though                              we seem to need to hold hands and hope for good outcomes hard as                                 they may be to imagine now I’m thinking we could

use less bluster, less torture, less passivity and you my love and all the beloveds can probably agree on more convergence more serious searching for in-commonness under the brief green skies of setting suns.


                                             fls 11/4/18  blogger and occasional poet




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