See this breathtaking photo from earlier today? from Giffords ‘COURAGE TO FIGHT GUN VIOLENCE’

Progressive Future blogger f.l. shiels:

This is from a worthy political action committee who may be over-interpreting, but what the hell. The symbolism here is obvious and quite powerful. The may be legitimate reasons why Justice “hopeful” Kavanaugh refused to shale the hand of a Parkland teen shooting “survivor Parent”, but I sure can see them and will be anxious to see if this makes the mainstream media.



frederick –

See this breathtaking photo from earlier today? It’s the father of a young girl killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida trying to shake Brett Kavanaugh’s hand at his Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

* Photo credit: Andrew Harnik, Associated Press

Sadly, Kavanaugh ignored him, buttoned his suit coat, and was ushered away.

The truth is, Brett Kavanaugh is a Second Amendment radical. He believes that limiting access to the weapon that killed 17 people in Parkland, Florida is the same thing as limiting free speech.

We have to stop him. His confirmation threatens strong gun laws already passed in states like Connecticut, and it would threaten any gun safety legislation passed in the future by the next Congress.

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