Thomas L. Johnson

His shamelessness is almost mythical in its duration and scope.

While most people raised in a social culture exercise high levels of shame-driven behavior, disguising their dark side behaviors while projecting a persona that is always Facebook pure, the Donald has never demonstrated anything that would qualify as shame.

  • He never apologizes. This week, when an aide made a comment about the impending death of John McCain, he has prevented any public apology. He never apologized to the disabled reporter whose speech impediments he mimicked; he has never apologized for things he said about political opponents or everybody from Meryl Streep to Maggy Haberman.
  • He is the master of the fine art of doubling down. His whole campaign to nullify very achievement of the Obama presidency is just a protracted double-down exercise.
  • He shamelessly insults his allies and supports dictators likely to violate human rights like Rodrigo Duterte. He has bromances with Putin, Xi Jin-Ping, and makes a point of demonstrating limited regard for Angel Merkel.

While Richard M. Nixon and Bill Clinton both demonstrated well-developed levels of shamelessness, Donald J. Trump has mastered the subject through a life of utter consistency, whether it was taking away the healthcare of a nephew or allegedly bedding down a porn star and a playmate during the early stages of his marriage to his third wife. You have to love a guy who is so convinced of his abilities that he lives in a gold-plated world of shamelessness, even through six episodes of bankruptcy

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