What do you think of Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Alex Zhu

Trump is doing something good for the American global hegemony. Remember his slogan is “make America great again”, but you can complete the next half of this sentence as “at the expense of…” This is the reality of international politics. It is no difference from Lord of the Flies-jungle laws, prey and predators.

To analyze his action we must temporarily forget about the miscellaneous things, such as WMD, human rights, democracy, nukes or treaties… because these are the tools but not the motives. For those who are still discussing how evil Iran is, you should go home and suck the popsicles passed from media. Evil does not apply to international politics. Meanwhile, we must realize the complexity of such issue stretches into domestic politics as well.

The American mid-east policy evolves around clear motives:

  1. Petrodollar stability, the right to control global oil trade, and the dominance of US dollar.
  2. Protect Israel as US representative in the region.
  3. Control the choke point of international trade.

To meet the goals, US’s priority is to build puppet governments throughout mid-east and Eastern Europe. The tactics include war and colour revolution. In Syria, US manipulates different anti-government forces to fight a proxy war against the Russia and China backed Syrian government. Russia is in the war to defend its influence from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean region and its oil business with Europe. China is in the war to protect its oil trade and its economy from America’s financial war machine.

The US’s representatives in Syria are already losing, and with a nuclear agreement Iran’s Shiah Muslim government is becoming too powerful. It is a threat to US that Russia and China will infiltrate the middle-east with the fist of Iran. If Iran as the regional power overtakes leadership and creates a united and peaceful ME, Israel and US will be kicked out and US global hegemony is doomed, and US dollar is doomed, and US as a country will face severe internal issues.

The US is not letting that happen! The Republicans don’t want that either; they need the support from Jewish communities in the swinging states. Giving Iran the opportunity to take over power vacuum in Iraq and Syria is nothing more than a nightmare. The US is basically applying its contingency plan: stir up the peaceful countries, even risk to trigger a major regional war. Don’t be surprised, to the US government, lives of the civilians in ME mean no more than numbers on a piece of paper. The least US anticipates is to see a united Muslim world not under the US control.

Americans. You must acknowledge the fact Trump is protecting your interest, although this could be a gamble. International politics is dynamic, stucking in ME means more time for East Asia to form a new partnership, one that is not good for the US. It could mean splits between Europe and US. If ME is screwed by war, Europe takes direct hit both economically and socially. The US doesn’t mind that at all.

Let their blood shed, let them burn to the ground, because they are not servile democracies and they can’t make America great again.

For the noble Persians to counter the challenge, they must sustain Israeli provocations in the coming month but they should hold still and avoid a direct war. Slowly digest the fruits in Syria and claim as must interest as possible while ignoring the distraction from US, because US doesn’t mind spill some Israeli blood for the Americans.

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