From Professor Franklin Jonas, L.I.U. (Long Island University)
Comment: In the NYTimes Sunday review of July 8th, Sam Tanenhaus argues that Donald Trump has performed a service for the GOP by alerting the party (against the will of most of its leaders and thinkers, e.g. George will,)to the alienation of its working class rank and file due to the consequences of ignoring their cries for help. Even if trump is defeated,Tanenhaus argues,the Republican and Democratic elites will have to reckon with the depth and passion of the populism that has been revealed by the victory of
trump in the Republican primary(and ,I would add, the showing of Bernie Sanders on the democratic side).

These developments have nourished the hope of certain “conservative” intellectuals, such as Ross Douthat of the New York times that the Republicans might now seek to become more of a working class party by responding to the widening of inequality among Americans that has taken hold since the 1970s with new programs and polices designed to be of direct benefit to working class families.

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