Here are some highlights of the GOP budget: from Campaign for America’s future



Campaign for America's Future
Republicans aren’t ashamed or embarrassed. They have big ideas to remake America and they are gearing up for a fight.Here are some highlights of the GOP budget:

  • 11 million families, seniors and children lose food stamps.
  • 35,000 children cut from Head Start.
  • 133,000 poor families denied housing assistance.
  • $1.2 billion cuts from education. That’s 4,500 schools 17,000 teachers!

The House GOP plan replaces Medicare with a system of coupons. They slash services.  That’s 500,000 fewer rides to doctors and grocery stores.  These are our parents and grandparents.

Campaign for America’s Future has heard these terrible ideas before. We’ve exposed them and helped defeat them. We’ve done this for almost 20 years.

Can you help us fight the GOP’s dangerous and dishonest plan for America?

This is a fight we undertake together.  We don’t have major corporations or billiionaires paying for these campaigns.  We have peopel like you.  If you are struggling, use your voice and tell your friends and neighbors what is going on.  If you can afford to make a donation of any amount, know that it truly does make a difference and that we never, ever take you for granted.

Thank you for your commitment.

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