3 thoughts on “THANKS

  1. My tentative hopes for a progressive future are fading. The impending decisions of the Supreme court seem likely to increase dramatically the role of money in politics. The Right appears far more able at the raising of holy hell than the democrats are in countering their moves. Is the changing demographic enough to counter the forces making for reaction? I hope so, but I doubt it.


  2. I agree more for the short term, Frank, than for the long haul. Appreciate the insight, just believe: this too will pass. Yes a serious problem is the Democratic politicians themsel
    es being softer than the Repubs. Their (DEM.) mobilizing interest groups like Move On, Act Blue, etc. however are quite effective and have been game changers in the past. What think you?


  3. To take up the discussion at a different point, I find it interesting that the recent ryan-murray budget compromise was opposed by only 34 members of the House. As the so-called tea party caucus has over 80 members, this means that over half of this extremist bloc voted for the compromise. Apparently the Tea Partiers are less indifferent to political considerations, including the desire to be re-elected, than they would have the public believe. This reminds me of the famous scene in “Blazing Saddles” where the black sheriff tames an angry mob by threatening to shoot himself in the head.

    Was it the threat of many republican businessmen to withhold campaign funds from members of Congress whose tactics were becoming a menace to their party’s political prospects and perhaps even destructive of the economy, and therefore to their own profits?

    Or, given setbacks recently suffered by Obama and his declining numbers in the polls, does the furthest out nudnick wing of the GOP now agree with Rove, Boehner, and the Republican establishment generally that APPEARING MORE REASONABLE IS THE SUREST WAY TO GET MORE OF WHAT THEY WANT IN THE LONG RUN?

    I don’t know enough about the Democratic groups that you mention to comment as to their impact on the prospects of their. It would give such groups a boost, however, if Democratic billionaires
    such as George Soros, partywere to contribute as consistently and strategically as their Republican counterparts, such as the Koch brothers.


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