Could Putin Be Vulnerable to a Coup?

Teri Schure
Editor’s note: This is wishful thinking and there are a wide range of opinions on the probability of a Russian anti-Putin coup. Most show fairly low probability. Unfortunately this estimate is probably true. But History is full of surprises.~ FL Shiels

The war in Ukraine has weakened Vladimir Putin’s once vice-like grip on power.

There are growing predictions that Putin could even be killed in a coup, with many saying that his miscalculations could lead to his downfall sooner than later.

Amid reports about Russian troops’ low morale, counterterrorism and security expert Chris Costa says he thinks Vladimir Putin could be vulnerable.

Interest in a coup against Putin is at an all-time high, according to Google Trends data, and the data shows that people continue to search for the term in unprecedented numbers.

Putin is said to be enraged by Russia’s failures thus far and according to the UK’s Nottingham Post, Vladimir Putin fears for his life ahead of a possible coup sparked by his failures in Ukraine.

But would a Putin coup solve anything?

Read more about it here 

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