• How to “bring unions back,” updated if need be, so that they are more of a force to reckon with in U.S. politics… (this will probably involve beefing up left-to-center think tanks and gradual infiltration into the essentially passive and spineless media)


  • Related: Progressives: Democrats, Independents, and (if there are any left) Republicans need to recruit millionaires/billionaires, 1%-ers, 10%-ers to bankroll publicity, websites, newspapers, journals, electronic media (radio, TV, I-Net) for progressive causes: environment, education, poor, women, minorities, Labor, infrastructure, you-name-it… offset or “mine” Citizens United for their own purposes


  • Related- Progressives need to stop playing softball; they can occupy the center ground, and in reddish states even move a bit right but comfortably to the left of the hard-Red intransigents (of which there are plenty)… Rachel Maddow and Thomas Frank are a good examples of people who can play “hardball” and administer the kind of sane medicine to the public, as an antidote to the  Conservative talk-meisters, not to mention radio nut-cases


  • Related- In the near future, the climate of, say, the mid-1960s—1970’s, the 1930s, or the T. Roosevelt-Taft-Wilson period, 1901-1915, may not be attainable in the U.S., with its present extreme polarization and federal government dysfunction… but the tide is turning, especially in the Executive branch… keeping an eye on Texas, the White House may well be out of reach for the Republicans by 2020 (and likely in 2016)… it will take winning hearts and minds for the Congressional districts/ House elections to turn the country around for the progressives


  • Related-  Progressives have to realize that while their agenda is, without doubt, the sane way to go, and that in today’s political climate “fair and balanced” is a myth if, for example, that means Intellectually buying into the idea of splitting the difference between the climate-change deniers and the cutting edge climate environmentalists, STILL politically they have to face the fact that there are a lot of conservative folks out there, voters who have been Reaganized and have little memory of the party of Dirksen or Javits… We’re not just talking about the 20-25% Tea Party types who have drunk the kool-aid and are out of reach, but the next 25% who voted for McCain and Romney… they must be coaxed into reason (did someone say Bill Clinton?) a bit at a time and we, at , are staking our reputation on the slow steady leftward drift of the Zeitgeist in the U.S. from now through 2050 and beyond… “marriage equality” is a good sign, maybe in ten years or so, flag lapel pins for politicians will become “declasse


  • We have to face up to the fact—and make this palatable—that at least some increase in taxation, especially at the higher levels, has got to happen, to shore up Medicare and Social Security, for starters… the Grover Norquist and company argument that taxation is outdated are not mentally living on this planet, but too many people buy their pitch… this is fundamental change, let’s face it, and it will be an uphill climb.




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